An Amazon delivery facility previously planned for Galloway in Atlantic County has reportedly been scrapped.

Referred to as a 'last mile' delivery center, Amazon had its sights set on a plot of land in Galloway on Aloe Street at Genoa Avenue, potentially bringing more jobs to the area.

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Google Maps

But Amazon has pulled out of the deal with Ole Hansen & Sons (out of nearby Cologne), who owns the location in Galloway they had hoped to build on, Press of Atlantic City reports.

While there's been no official statement from Amazon explaining why the change of heart, Ole Hansen surmises a national economic downturn could be to blame.

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But, Ole Hansen tells Press of AC they are entertaining other proposals that could still bring another business to the corner of Aloe & Genoa. Time will tell.

For now, though, if you live in the Jimmie Leeds Rd. area of Galloway, you won't be seeing any EXTRA Amazon trucks whizzing down the road.

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