Fox News reports that Amazon just announced their first self driving taxi. Amazon bought Zoox earlier this year and they are a vehicle company in California and they want to invent cars that are safe and clean for all riders. Zoox and Amazon have been working on the self driving taxi together and hope to release one to take on passengers soon. The self driving taxi can run for 16 hours after being charged and can go up to 75 mph. It's can hold 4 passengers and comes equipped with charging stations for all your favorite devices as well as cup holders to hold your morning coffee.

Check out the video below and see how the new self driving car works.

For me, I think self driving cars are pretty cool. I drive into work very early and if I could have a car drive me, I could drink and entire cup of tea without worrying about driving off the road. I can also check up on emails from the night before and I honestly just think it will be an enjoyable experience. I know people get freaked out by self driving cars and artificial intelligence and all that, but I'm good. I say, bring on self driving taxis and the self driving cars and let us do a little more relaxing on our drives into work or into the city or wherever our destination is taking us.

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