Amazon is reportedly planning to open three grocery stores in our area. These would be among the first of their kind in the entire country, according to a report published by

They say that Amazon is looking at existing properties in Warrington, Bensalem and Center City (Philadelphia).

The stores, which will differ from the company's Whole Food model, are expected to serve as a full-service supermarket with prepared foods and foodservice components.

While the location that Amazon is eyeing for a Center City store was not immediately clear, we know much more about the proposed Warrington and Bensalem locations.

In Bensalem, the new Amazon grocery store would open in the location formerly occupied by the Kmart on Street Road (in the Brookwood Shopping Center), says.

Meanwhile, in Warrington, Amazon is expected to open the store in the location formerly occupied by Giant on Easton Road in the Creekview Center. The site first opened as a Genuardi's in 2001.

The exact opening dates and branding for these stores was not immediately clear. However, it's believed that at least the Warrington store could open before the end of the year.

The unnamed concept will open its first store in Woodland Hills, CA later this year, they say.  Additionally, Amazon is expected to open stores in Paramus and Woodland Park, New Jersey  in early 2021, the report says.

Amazon currently operates Whole Foods, and has opened stores with its Amazon Go concept in the Northwest. The full-service standalone grocery concept mentioned above is expected to differ from those stores.

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