If you’re a millennial or Gen Z kid, I know you had one of these growing up.

One of the biggest doll brands ever releases their “spokes girl” for the following year and American Girl has named theirs.

The brand posted on Instagram saying that their 2023 Girl of the Year is named Kavi, who according to NJ.com, is from New Jersey! My favorite part about American Girl is that they create backstories for these dolls that every little girl can relate to.

Just by looking through all of the stories and doll types, you can find a girl that hits home, just like Kavi will for little girls all over our state. Kavi is also the first South Asian American Girl doll that the company has made, which is so amazing! She's truly making history.

It was released that the “Girl of the Year” is from Metuchen, NJ, and’s trying to make it big on Broadway. This is so cool!

NJ.com wrote an entire article about Kavi’s backstory, likes, dislikes and more which was given in a statement by American Girl. The best part about this brand is that they bring these dolls to life which is what makes them so unique.

I’m sure this doll will be in high demand, but if you’re looking to get any little Jersey Girl’s a present like Kavi soon, she’s available with all of her accessories on America Girl’s official website.

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