STD's are rising in America even though many people are NOT having sex. Hmm! a little odd, right? Well, many Americans are relying on birth control pills to prevent pregnancy but not focusing on the STD's that can be caught.

NJTV reported that there were 2.3 million cases of STDs reported last year. That's an insane increase from the 90's. Syphilis is the STD that has sky rocketed the most with a crazy 76% increase, followed by gonorrhea with a 67% increase and lastly Chlamydia going up 21%.

"You don’t have to have lots of partners to get an STD — all you need is one partner who’s infected,” said Perry Halkitis, Dean of Rutgers University School of Public Health, to NJTV.

Protect yourself and prevent any sexually transmitted disease. Putting on a condom won’t take away from your pride but getting an STD can ruin it completely!

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