If you already crossed this off your bucket list you are a lucky human but if you haven't, be careful don't get caught. We are referring to hooking up at your work place. It is said the Americans are pretty wild, 1 in 10 have admitted that they have gotten a little frisky at their work place. NICE!!

in the office
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Most of the people that admit to hooking up with a coworkers at their work place have said that it makes it better to come to work and just overall makes the work place a lot less stressful. Now keeping it low-key is the biggest thing, can you actually make that happen? Uh-Oh! About 17% of individuals that have been caught getting jiggy with it unfortunately have lost their job. BUMMER!! On the bright side is that most work hook ups do end up in a marriage.

To end this with a BANG, 1 in 10 people say that they have hooked up with their boss...BEAUTIFUL!!! Go for that raise, boo boo!!

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