If you don't know by now your girl does not actually live in Jersey. Yes, I am from Jersey, but I live in PA. I actually live right in Bucks County. Now being that I have to drive across the bridge everyday and it would make a lot of sense for me to have  E-ZPass. I can very well take the long way home, meaning I would go over the Trenton-Makes Bridge or the Calhoun Street bridge, but I want to get home as fast as possible. I'm not trying to waste my gas if I don't need to. The easiest way for me to get home is right on 295, which now requires E-ZPass or they will send you a ticket in the mail.

 Let's go back a couple of months ago to where I did have an E-ZPass. My entire family actually had an E-ZPass, but we got rid of it. Here's what happened. E-ZPass kept saying that we did not have our transmitters in the car, which is complete BS. Why would I continually go through the E-ZPass Lane without the thing in my car. That just makes no sense and will cause a headache later. They ended up sending this bill that was over $600 and we had to fight with them for a while about it. Eventually we got things settled and sent our things back to the company, because why are we paying this if you just keep charging a stupid fees later.

 3 weeks ago I got a letter in the mail saying that they're going to suspend my registration because they have all these unpaid E-ZPass tickets.  I really had no idea about it.  It's okay, I took care of it.

This is what makes me the angriest about the toll booth right now. The other day I was coming from the Cherry Hill area and I was driving over the Ben Franklin Bridge, when I realized I did not have cash. Being that it is 2021 I assumed that they would take a debit card. No! They made me turn all the way around to go  through the E-ZPass Lane just so they could get more money out of me later. I am so fed up with E-ZPass. And it is so hard to get in contact with anyone. You have to stay on the phone for hours just to speak to a representative. 

Does anybody else feel my pain? I know I can't be the only one!


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