I keep saying over and over again that I am extremely grateful that my Dad lives down the shore. Especially this year because of the pandemic, it's given my family a place to escape and unwind. My Dad has a waterfront home and we have a small boat that we take out. We also have kayaks, a bunch of tubes to float in and it's just completely relaxing. Plus, I am extremely obsessed with being tan, so being down there definitely helps that. Like I said, it's a nice getaway, and with both my husband and I working essential jobs, this pandemic has been mentally hard on us. Where we live in Mercer County, it's a little over an hour drive, but so worth it. Most of the time, I can avoid taking the Garden State Parkway, but I usually have to jump on it for a short time of my drive. Of course we have E-Z Pass, it's the best thing to have if you travel on major roadways in New Jersey. We actually just got a bill in the mail and now I think I need to check it because we may have been overcharged.

The Patch reports that E-Z Pass will have to refund almost 80,000 people some money after charging a processing fee. E-Z Pass does know that they made this mistake and refunds are on the way for those who were extremely overcharged an administrative fee. These were drivers that had to use E-Z Pass lanes due to tolls going cashless because of the pandemic, even though they did not have E-Z Pass accounts. These drivers were supposed to be sent a bill in the mail, however, the bills they received charged were hundreds of dollars more than they should have been. But again, don't panic if this happened to you, a refund check should be on the way.

For more info, please contact E-Z Pass thru their website, or check out this article from The Patch.

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