If you're worried about Anecestry.com (or similar sites) sharing your DNA with law enforcement when they have a search warrant, a new report says you won't have to.

BuzzFeedNews.com recently reported that Ancestry.com is extremely confidential. They aren’t going to share your DNA with anyone, not even law enforcement when they have a search warrant.

The search warrant that was served to Ancestry.com allegedly requested to obtain the database of 16 million DNA tests, according to BuzzFeedNews.com. It was also mentioned that the search warrant came from a Pennsylvania courthouse.

Ancestry.com told BuzzFeedNews.com, "The warrant was improperly served on Ancestry and we did not provide any access or customer data in response." Apparently law enforcement has not reached out to Ancestry again.

Now the question is, why does law enforcement want the DNA tests of millions of people?

According to BuzzFeedNews.com, the DNA test may be used to solve crimes through investigative genetic genealogy, a new method to solve crimes.

Ancestry.com is not the only company that has received a search warrant. According to BuzzFeedNews.com, Acenstry's competition, 23andMe, was also hit with a search warrant. That company did not share any information with law enforcement either.

Whether Ancestry.con is accurate or not, we bet that it has to be cool to know where some of your ancestors are from. With that being said, if you have done the DNA test to find out where your family comes from just know that your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

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