If you’re into Jersey Shore just as much as I am, you’re definitely caught up on the Angelina, or “Angeliner” as they call her, drama on the show.

Angelina Pivarnick is now engaged so her fiance Vinny, or as the cast calls him “Vinny 2.0”. Before you ask yourself any questions, no this is not the OG Vinny that we’ve known for the last almost 15 years.

Angelina has recently started seeing Vinny following her divorce from her now ex-husband, Chris Larangeira. After finalizing her divorce while the entire gang was on vacation together, she got engaged to Vinny 2.0 just one day after.

There was some drama on the show saying she was rushing things but, I’m so happy for her! When I was watching the show and saw the entire Jersey Shore crew meeting Vinny 2.0 for the first time, of course, I had some questions! Who is Angelina Pivarnick’s new fiance, “Vinny 2.0”? Here’s what I found out.


What Is Angelina Pivarnick’s Fiance’s Full Name?

Vinny Tortorella, also known as Vinny 2.0 was introduced to the cast during their trip to New Orleans back in November of 2022 according to hollywoodlife.com.


What is Angelina Pivarnick’s fiance, Vinny Tortorella’s, Net Worth?

Vinny Tortorella is a 32-year-old full-time model and has a net worth of $500,000.


Where Is Angelina Pivarnick’s Fiance Vinny Tortorella From?

Although Vinny is a model and probably does some traveling, he is from Long Island says aussiecelebs.com.


How Tall Is Angelina Pivarnick’s Fiance Tortorella?

Vinny is a model so it was pretty easy to find an estimate of his height and weight. Angelina is reported to be 5’1 and her soon-to-be husband is reported to stand at 6’1.

I’m rooting for them and wish them all the happiness! Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres Thursday nights at 8 pm on MTV.

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