I'm not gonna lie...I kinda teared up watching this music video. I think because it hits so close to home. There have been times in my life where like every girl on the planet, I have body issues, insecurities, and times when I hate what i see in the mirror. Society's idea of the "perfect" has become so distorted over the years. Social media has convinced us that we have to look like Kim K.

So it was really cool of Anne Marie to create a video that sends a message of self-acceptance. The song is called "Perfect to Me" and the video begins with her describing how her definition of the word "Perfect" has changed as she grew older. It also features every day people each desribing their personal defeintiion of the word.

It was a refreshing video to watch because it reminded me that we all share the same insecurities. It reminded me that whats really "perfect" is how we see ourselves and how comfortable we are in our own skin.


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