When you watch, Elf, the Christmas movie with Will Ferrell, did you get grossed out by the scene where Buddy The Elf eats spaghetti with tons of sweets?

Maybe you didn't get disgusted by the syrup on the spaghetti but you had to think it was a little disrespectful to the Italian culture.

Either way, it's an iconic scene from Elf.

Check this out, if you want to set up a nice dish of spaghetti for Santa when he drops off gifts for the kids this Christmas you can. Here is the thing though, you will not be leaving just a regular plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

On Facebook, we found a bakery in Marlton called Maria's Mom Italian Bakery that is offering the Santa’s Buddy the Elf Breakfast Boxes. This could be the ultimate Santa dessert because it comes with, Buddy’s Spaghetti, Chocolate Pop Tarts, and Pepperoni & Cheese Sammies.

It is stated on the Facebook post by Maria's Mom Italian Bakery that this is an activity box and it is just what you and your kids need "to do at home in the kitchen this holiday, with or without Santa!"

After knowing what is in the Santa’s Buddy the Elf Breakfast Boxes would you put it together and give it a shot? It wouldn't be a bad idea to get a taste of what Santa and his elves eat.

Here is one thing you really want to know. There are so many Elf movie fans out there that want the Santa’s Buddy the Elf Breakfast Boxes from Maria's Mom Italian Bakery that the first wave is already sold out.

"Due to high demand, leave a detailed message if you can’t get through & we’ll return your call within 24 hours!" That is what Maria's Mom's Italian Bakery shared on Facebook.

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