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How crazy is this: I just found a survey that says more New Jerseyans are excited to see Shakira perform in the halftime show than J.Lo.

That’s crazy, right?

It was reported by housemethod.com that over 4,000 people took a survey to pick “who are you more excited to watch at the Super Bowl – Shakira or JLo?”

25 states said that they are more excited to see Jennifer Lopez and 20 states said that they prefer Shakira. The state of New Jersey lands on the list of 20 that is more excited to see Shakira.

HouseMethod.com surveyed both men and women and Shakira took it with both genders in the Garden State.

There were 5 states that had a tie and want to see both of the Hispanic singers.

As for neighboring states, Pennsylvania wants to see Jenny from the Block and New Yorkers had a tie and want to see both.

With all honesty, I personally want to see both of them, the Colombian and the Puerto Rican.

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