6ABC is calling it Free Agent Frenzy! Manny Machado & Bryce Harper are both baseball players that are free agents. Manny hails from the Los Angeles Dodgers and Bryce's former team was the Washington Nationals. Philadelphians are hoping that both of them come to the Phillies. There's no word on whether or not both will come to the city of brotherly love, but that didn't stop another Philadelphia agency from offering the, specifically, Bryce a job.

Philadelphia Police Department sent out this tweet and can we say, Wow! Someone at the department has good Photoshop skills.

Even the fire department got in on the laughs and offered Bryce a job as an EMT.

So if these guys don't want to continue their careers in baseball, they may have a future in law enforcement! Especially since the police and fire departments have already technically said they have a job. Hey, they can earn $52,000 being EMT's! That's peanuts to what these guys make in one game!

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