The coronavirus pandemic has not only taken thousands of lives, but it's taken two months away from us that we will never get back. Countless events and milestones have been canceled and some are not being rescheduled. Now, that the weather is nicer and New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are starting to reopen, people are getting antsy and want to get outside and do things after everything has been closed and we've been cooped up inside our homes. Many community pools have decided to already close for the summer, and some beaches are open, but some people are still a bit too nervous to expose themselves to large crowds, so many people are opting to buying pools to put in their backyards.

These pools range from small inflatable baby type pools to pop up pools that have their own filters, like this one pictured below.

Credit: Target

There are a bunch of inflatable pools for sale at many different retailers, but the ones below from Target caught my eye today and obviously the eyes of writers at Delish. They're called Minnidip pools and looks like they fit about three adults. It looks like it'll be the perfect size for apartment balconies. I've even been seeing lots of Instagram pics of people putting pools inside their apartments. They look very trendy and will run you about $43. If you've got kids, these Minnipools even come in kiddie sizes, get one for the kids too. For more details about them check out this article on Delish.

Credit: Target

So the question is, are you rushing out and buying an inflatable pool? Or will you venture out to the beach? I've gotta say, I think I'll be jumping on board with this trend. Having a few cocktails in my little pool in my yard, and staying safe sounds like a great summer to me.

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