We all have that one co-worker that you can distinctly smell from 43 miles away. Even after they leave their desk or the office, the smell of their perfume lingers longer than a fart in a hot car. Please don't be that person.

If you want to make sure you are applying your perfume or cologne appropriately, this story from Southern Living has got you covered.

When's the best time to apply perfume? This would be after your morning shower. It's best to apply perfume on hydrated skin. This also ensures that your skin is not dirty when you are applying the perfume. When your skin is hydrated, the perfume is able to fully absorb the topical. Putting on moisturizer (non-scented) before you apply the perfume will allow the scent to last longer.

But please do everyone around you a favor and apply the right amount of perfume so the scent isn't overbearing. This means just a spritz (two at most). In fact, stronger fragrances which are more concentrated need even less than a spritz.

These are the most concentrated levels of fragrance from highest to lowest

  1. Perfume
  2. Eau de Perfume
  3. Eau de Toilette
  4. Eau de Cologne

When applying, dab instead of rubbing. Rubbing mixes the perfume with natural oils which alter the smell. Also only apply on pulse points. These are your neck, wrists, and back of knees. These locations emit more heat which helps activate the perfume.

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