Ariana Grande was in the great Garden State and it wasn't for a concert. But she did so pretty privately.

She came to New Jersey to go ice skating in Montclair and none of us knew about it. Well, we don't know if she came here JUST to skate, but that's all that we know about her visit. After all, New Jersey isn't really known for our skating rinks, so we're wondering why she was in our state. Did she have secret plans beyond this? Plus, why did she she choose this specific ice skating rink?

According to, Ariana was skating at the Clary Anderson Arena Saturday night and for obvious reasons, she wanted her privacy. So she actually waited to post the picture until Tuesday night (you know... as a #latergram).

Once her fans found out that she was ice skating in New Jersey, they freaked out!

Since the photo said she was in Montclair, many Montclair State University students tweeted were inviting Ariana to visit the college's dorm rooms.

Naturally, the skating rink was flooded with calls asking if Ariana was still at the rink when it was posted on Tuesday.

Additionally, fans actually WENT to the skating rink to look for her. But they were disappointed to discover that the 'Thank You Next,' singer was already way gone.

Grande and her friends wanted privacy for their skating session this weekend, by the way. The rink's general manager told that they bought an hour and a half of private ice time, but only used about 40 minutes of it.

"Based on the amount of people that came yesterday thinking that she was here, I totally understand why she wanted to wait until the building was empty," the manager told the publication. 

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