Before making it big in the world of football on the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, Mohamed Sanu was a NJ local! He grew up in Dayton, NJ. He graduated from South Brunswick High School after being one of the stars of the football team. He then enrolled at Rutgers University in January of 2009 and was definitely an MVP on the team. He started playing in the NFL after Rutgers when he was selected in the 2012 NFL draft. He’s definitely a local aspiration!

Despite the fame, it seems like he’s never going to forget his roots, as he’s coming back to the area tomorrow night, Thursday, June 27, for a charity kickball game!

The kickball game is going to start at 6:00 PM in Rowland Park in South Brunswick. Sanu is even going to be playing in the game, alongside some fellow NFL professionals! The professionals are going to be a surprise group, and it is currently unknown who the team will be comprised of. They’re playing against a group of local community members including teachers and students. Admission to the game itself is free, but donations are going to be welcome and go directly towards Embrace Kids Foundation, which is the charity Sanu is affiliated with. states “Embrace Kids Foundation exists to lighten the burden, maintain normalcy and improve the quality of life for families whose children are facing cancer, sickle cell and other serious health challenges. Embrace Kids addresses the spiritual, emotional and financial needs of patient families in the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area.”. Donations can be made on the website.

This definitely seems like a cool event for anyone looking to see and maybe even meet some professional football players!

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