About a month before moving to New Jersey in 2015 I heard two guys arguing in Las Vegas about Central Jersey being a thing or not. It was pretty interesting just listening to the argument but now that I've been here for some time I see that it is serious if someone says that Central Jersey doesn't exist.

If you are against the existence of Central Jersey you will have to take a solid L right now. On Instagram, @NJgov has made it official that there is such a thing as Central Jersey. A picture was posted on @NJgov's Instagram of the state of New Jersey where, dead smack in the middle, it says "International Central Jersey is Real Day." From the looks of it, today (August 13th) is officially International Central Jersey is Real Day.

In the Instagram comments, we found that Mike "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore tv show agreed with @NJgov that there is such a thing as Central Jersey. However, there were still a bunch of people disagreeing. Some even said, "fake news.” While others wrote, "Omg here we go again. There’s no such place."

If the official Instagram account of the state of New Jersey said that there is an International Central Jersey Is Real Day that means that there is such a thing. Even if the state says that there is Central Jersey it'll forever be a statewide disagreement.

This argument is the same as the pork roll and Taylor ham disagreement. North Jersey says that there is no such thing as pork roll and that everyone should call it Taylor ham.

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