Almost $1 million in counterfeit smartphones have been seized at The Port of Philadelphia by authorities.

Wow! That's actually crazy.

So, over the past month between the total of two shipments from China, 4000 fake smartphones have made their way to the Philly Port according to Customs & Border Protection.

The ships came from China through the Dominican Republic and finally to The Port of Philadelphia.

The cost of these smartphones will blow your mind too. If the devices were real they would have been worth $941,450 in retail value. Yes, almost $1 million. says, "The first shipment arrived July 26 and contained 2,043 counterfeit LG phones, while the second shipment of 1,926 LG and 480 ASUS counterfeit smartphones came on Aug. 9."  The boxes were also labeled as used cell phones.

I would be so disappointed if I spent my money on a smartphone just to find out that it was fake. Like seriously, those things can get pricey.



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