Philadelphia has made its way onto another negatively charged list. A website called “The Vacationer” has made a list of the top cities that you have to avoid traveling to at all costs and our beloved Philly has made its way onto the list. There are a ton of overrated cities according to this survey and to everyone’s surprise, Philadelphia didn’t get as much hate as some of the other cities on this list.


Philly is almost always the brunt of everyone’s joke, so where it’s landed on this list is pretty impressive I’d say. The top 5 on this list I have to say, were pretty shocking. A lot of bigger tourist attraction types of cities made their way higher on the list than Philadelphia. I’ve only been to two out of the top five, but I wouldn’t have expected all of these cities to be sitting where they are.

The Top Five Cities to Avoid Traveling To At All Costs


In a survey taken by The Vacationer, over 1,000 U.S. citizens who are over the age of 18 were asked a series of questions to give the data shown. According to the results, the top five U.S. cities that you have to avoid traveling to at all costs are

#5 - Baltimore, Maryland 

#4 - New York City, New York 

#3 - Atlanta, Georgia

#2 - Chicago, Illinois

#1 - Detroit, Michigan 

Did any of these shock you? Philadelphia, PA was #19 on the list which is pretty impressive considering some of the cities that were listed to avoid before this one. I’d say this is a backhanded win for Philadelphia.

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