Maidenhead Bagel Co., on Main Street in Lawrenceville, will be closing its doors, for good, this Sunday, May 26th.

News spread fast as the sign from the shop's window was posted on the Lawrence Township  NJ Community Facebook page this morning. It read, "Closing for retirement. Our last day is Sunday, May 26th at 2. Thanks for all the business over the years."

The comments came pouring in, some saying there's no better bagel in town. Their website brags that they have the best bagels in the Lawrenceville area. Others disagreed saying Udo's in the Manors Shopping Center was better. Some claimed to know the reason the shop was closing, citing that the building had been sold and the new owner wouldn't be releasing the space. Others claim the bagel shop was having financial problems, and business was lagging.

In any case, if you're a fan of Maidenhead Bagel Co., you have until this Sunday to get your last fix. Bagels freeze well, right?


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