The temporary roadway for I-95 is looking REALLY good. Like it's AMAZING that officials plan on reopening the roadway around noon tomorrow (Friday, June 23).

But I think we're about to have a problem, Philly. So, honestly...

You need to ban all Jersey drivers (including myself) from the temporary I-95 roadway in Northeast Philly. 

I'll tell you why we need to be banned in a second. Keep scrolling.

So in less than 2 weeks' time: government officials, engineers, construction workers, and more have SO QUICKLY built a temporary roadway that looks quite sturdy and safe.

But now that we're getting our first full look at the paved structure, I gotta say, I am a little worried.

Construction crews say the roadway will be wide enough to have three lanes going in each direction. So that's three lanes to the north and three lanes to the south.

But it looks narrow A.F!

Hey PennDOT, I'm from Jersey. You're gonna have a problem. Three lanes fitting there?! That's too narrow for us.

I'm not the only one to notice this, by the way:

I learned to drive in Jersey (and now I live in Philly) so I can confidently say we like to drive a little... wide? We're a tiny state who require a lot of room for all that we do. So we'll be driving over the line.

Or there are the Jersey drivers who will have both hands on their steering wheel crippled with fear when they realize how narrow the lanes are, and they'll be crawling a snail's pace.

I'm from Jersey. So this is VERY self-reflective. I'm calling myself out. I may be banning myself from driving this stretch of roadway.

I commute almost daily from South Philly to Central Jersey.

And I think you need to ban New Jersey drivers from the temporary highway cause this looks like it may be a difficulty for us.

By the way, the team at CrossingBroad agrees. In fact, they said it better than I could.

"Is it me or do these three lanes look pretty narrow," they wrote on Thursday morning. "We’re putting a lot of faith in Jersey being able to drive in a straight line."

Hey, Jersey drivers, let's not ruin this for everyone in Southeastern Pa, OK? I think I'm mostly kidding.

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