Things aren't looking very good for Barnes and Noble bookstores here in New Jersey.

A long-standing Barnes and Noble bookstore, located at 765 Route 17 in Paramus NJ, has announced they will permanently close after 28 years, according to

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The bookstore made the announcement in a Facebook post in December, saying that the Paramus location is set to close Feb 11, 2023.  According to the post, their landlord has decided not to renew their lease, and will be repurposing the site for something else.

Check out the full post down below:

Even the mayor of Paramus, Chris DiPiazza  responded to the news, according to TapInto: "Although it is always sad to see landmark stores close down locations in town, I look forward to the new tenants who will be filling a great need for extraordinary people who visit and live in our borough,"

This is a familiar turn of events. Just last summer, another long-standing Barnes and Noble in Clark was forced to shutter their doors after their lease renewal was also denied.

However, this may not be goodbye forever! In the post, they explain that they will be trying to look for a new location.

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“We are doing everything we can to find a new location, hoping to return close to here with a new bookstore before too long,” the post reads. They encourage anyone with ideas of where they could relocate to reach out.

Mayor DiPiazza also remarked, "I hope Barnes and Noble will find a new home in Paramus that is more suitable to the changing market; no Kindle or iPad can beat the experience of a good old fashion paperback novel!"

If you're in the Paramus area and you have an idea of where a new Barnes and Noble can go, don't be afraid to reach out: Email with "Paramus" in the subject line.

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