Bassett Home Furnishings is opening soon in Mercer Mall, on Route 1 in Lawrenceville. I just saw a sign and it looks like construction is already underway, with scaffolding hanging in front of the store recently.

While telling the rest of The Crew about the "opening soon" sign I saw hanging in front of the future store, while doing some shopping in Mercer Mall the other day, Dave reminded me that it was replacing Lemon Pop, which I had forgotten was even in the mall. Incase you still can't place it, it will be next to Nordstrom Rack, which I still have never been in...what am I waiting for?  Lots of my friends get great deals in Nordstrom Rack.

Ok, back to Bassett. I checked out the website and it has it listed as Princeton, although, it's in Lawrenceville. That happens a lot around here, where places are called Princeton and they're really not in Princeton. Lol. The opening date is listed as September 6th, 2019. Check out the features of the new store HERE.

It seems to be the only one around the Mercer County area, with the next closest store being in Cherry Hill.

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