I think you can breathe a sign of relief. The Starbucks in Mercer Mall, on Route 1 in Lawrence Township has not closed for good. Though, there had been rumors about its possible fate in recent days.

I thought it was closed because it's been dark for the past few days. I even got a text from a friend saying she was disappointed that it looked as if it was closed.

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Hmmm. I thought maybe it was being remodeled. That would be cool. But a source told me that something in the store needed maintenance. I don't know exactly what it is, though.

A Starbucks spokesperson then confirmed the news in a statement issued to 94.5 PST on Wednesday saying the store is "temporarily" closed for "maintenance repairs." The exact nature of those repairs was not clear, and neither was an exact timeline for a reopening date.

In the meantime, Starbucks officials are reminding customers about other stores in the area, which are at:

3516 Brunswick Pike and 3535 Route (Suite 456).


As for the reopening of the Mercer Mall store, it sounds like we'll find out on the Starbucks Mobile App and website.

"Customers can stay up to date with their store's hours of operation by using the Starbucks Store Locator on the Starbucks Mobile App and Website," a Starbucks spokesperson tells us.

New Addition to the Starbucks Secret Menu

Riko Pan/Unsplash
Riko Pan/Unsplash

By the way, there's a new Frapp on the Starbucks' Secret Menu. If you love Churros, you'll love this. It's the Liquid Churro Frapp. Oh my. How can that not be delicious?

Here's how you order it. Get a Vanilla Bean Frapp with aromatic cinnamon dulce syrup, creamy white mocha syrup, and top it with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and powdered cinnamon. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Starbucks Mercer Mall is located at 301 Mercer Mall near Pure Green Juice Bar and Verizon.

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