I hear it from my siblings that they are running out of stuff for the kids to do, well guess what? The Phillie Phanatic is coming to the rescue. FOX29.com recently shared that the Philadelphia Phillies’ mascot will be hanging out with some celebrities for a story-time every week.

According to FOX 29, the celebrity friends that the Phanatic is hanging out with for weekly storytime include some of the players from the Philadelphia Phillies. It was also mentioned that they will be reading the Phanatic book series.

The new Phillies manager, Joe Girardi, and his wife were the very first special guest on “Storytime with the Phillie Phanatic.” If you missed the debut of the storytime today (April 29) don't worry, it'll be happening again. MLB.com shared that it'll happen every Wednesday at 7 pm on Phillie Phanatics IG.

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