Nothing makes people more crazy than when you mess with the things they love. This coronavirus pandemic not only has taken many human lives, but it's also taken away our freedom. We are not able to go where we used to go as easily as we used to. We have to wear masks pretty much everywhere we go, events like weddings have been canceled and even sports have been postponed. If there's one thing that pisses people off, it's when sporting events get canceled. There have been recent announcements by many sports industries promising their return very soon, including Major League Baseball. It'll definitely be different than any other season, for the players, since there will be no fans in the stadium and things will even be different for the mascots.

There were talks about not letting mascots back when the players play their shortened season, but NBC Sports has reported, that the Phillie Phanatic and other mascots will be allowed to return to their home fields. However, the Phanatic is not going to be able to perform his usual mascot antics. If you've ever been to a Phillies game, you know that the Phillie Phanatic puts on a spectacle.

However, when he returns to Citizens Bank Ballpark for the MLB's shortened season, he will not be allowed on the field like he usually is. Instead he will just be entertaining people at home watching the games. I'm sure reporters and cameras will capture him doing something silly in the empty stands and if we know our Phanatic, he'll improvise and come up with something silly.

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