Baseball season is back and one of the best parts about heading to a Phillies game is getting to see the Phanatic do his thing at Citizens Bank Park.

It’s no secret that the Phanatic is one of the most popular mascots in the MLB, but it had me thinking, how much does the Phanatic make in a season? Once I started doing some research, I officially decided that I chose the wrong career path.

So, along with being one of the most popular mascots in the entire MLB, that also means that the Phanatic is one of the highest-paid mascots in the game as well. You’ll never guess the amount of money he makes in a season because let me tell you, it’s way more than you would expect.

Kansas City Royals v Philadelphia Phillies
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I broke it all down and think I have a good estimate of the set amount he’ll make this season.

According to, the Phanatic reportedly makes $600 an hour. Each MLB game lasts, on average, about 3 hours or so. There are 37 home games at Citizens Bank Park this season that will all last, on average, 3 hours.

That means the Phanatic will be working 111 hours at home this season, not counting playoff games or private appearances. If he’s making $600 an hour and gets paid for the entirety of the games, that is $666,000. I saw the stat that he makes $600 an hour and just was thinking there is no way!

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If this is accurate, I 100% chose the wrong career path. This leaves some other questions I couldn’t get a straight answer to. Is the Phanatic one person?

Does he get paid for the time he’s on the field or for the total game time? I need answers! If this is true, this is my formal submission to become the next Phillie Phanatic.

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