This past Saturday (08/04), the city of Trenton hosted a special recruitment event for local residents to apply to become a firefighter in the capital of New Jersey. According to, open enrollment only happens every three years for Trenton and will only continue until the end of the month(August 31).

Steve Coltre, acting director for The Trenton Fire Department, told The Trentonian that, he is looking for locals who have interest in pursuing a career in what he says is “the best job in the world”.

A resident of Trenton and an enthusiastic applicant who attended the open house event on Saturday, Joseph Fishburne told, he wants to “keep up public safety […] and help others who need to be helped.”

Portrait of firefighter carrying hose
Credit: ThinkStock

The salary for entry-level firefighters in Trenton starts at $36,000 and Mayor Reed Gusciora told The Trentonian that, “It’s a good job to start out in the city. We have to fill the ranks of police and fire and EMS,” he continues, “This is a great way to showcase the fire department. They are in the front line of keeping public safety and protecting property.”

East Ward Councilman Joseph Harrison spoke to on Saturday stating, “It’s a day to promote opportunities for the people of Trenton to be a part of this fire department.”

Assemblywoman Verdina Reynolds-Jackson and other members of the Trenton City Council were also in attendance for the event, which featured free food and hopeful applicants as well.

During the event, current firefighters were thanked for their service and even demonstrated how to rescue someone from a vehicle by cutting it open using extrication tools to free them from danger.

Looking to have a career change and become a firefighter? You can complete the $35 online application on the New Jersey Civil Service Commission website.

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