Firefighters recently lent a helping hand to a Millstone Township family this summer.  According to, Hope Fire Company and Millstone Fire Company helped fill the pool of the Seyler Family. The family was trying to surprise their 8-year-old son Deven who has been undergoing intense and expensive chemotherapy. reported that Deven receives his treatments 4-5 times a week for hours on end. Seyler’s mother spoke to, “Deven loves to swim but he couldn’t go to the community pool because of his therapy schedule and the risk of infection.”

In order to bring some normalcy back into their busy lives the family decided to fill their pool. When the family contacted the fire department about filling their pool Chief George Stillwell of Hope Fire Company told “The family reached out to get their pool filled but told us they could only pay for two loads," Chief Stillwell also mentioned, "Instead of having them pay, we filled the pool for free.”

On June 27th smiles and pure joy was brought to the Seyler’s home with the filled pool. Thanks to Hope Fire Company and Millstone Fire Company the pool will be used as apart of Deven’s therapy, so that he can soon regain his leg strength post surgery.

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