For the first time ever, the MTV VMAs were held in New Jersey and if you weren't lucky enough to attend, but watched on TV, here are some of the things you may not have not known:

SECURITY:  As you can imagine, an awards show of this magnitude requires a ton of security and for those who had tickets to the event, the first thing they probably noticed was the hundreds of police officers and security officials surrounding the Prudential Center.


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Crews stood by today to assure safe conditions for attendees of the MTV VMA’s

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SHOWTIME:  Unlike a concert, the VMAs are a television show which must start on time, so everyone was asked to be in their seats at 7:30pm (30 minutes prior to the show starting).  This did not include the celebrities that attended.  




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CELEB SECTION:  Speaking of celebs, the section where most of them sit is actually very small.  In the Prudential Center, it was in one of the corners of the arena.  On TV, it looks like there are tons of celebs in the audience, but in reality, it's not that many.

By the way, during each commercial break, a group of ushers paraded through the celeb section offering drinks to the VIP's.

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THE STAGE:  Actually, we should say "stages," because while watching on TV, you may think everything is happening on one stage, but in reality, there were 3 stages.  There was the main stage where most of the performances took place.  Then, there was a much smaller stage near the celebrity section where the awards were presented.  And then, there was a third stage where live bands for Miley Cyrus and H.E.R. performed.

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THE PERFORMANCES:  There were a lot of interesting things surrounding the live performances.  For example, Miley Cyrus came out on stage several minutes before her performances and waited for the commercial break to end.  The same was true for Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

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Also, did you notice all of the lights in the audience during performances by Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and Shawn and Camila Cabello?  They were actually bracelets that were given to everyone in the audience.

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And if you were wondering how the Jonas Brothers got from Asbury Park to Newark so quickly, you'll be surprised to find out the performance was taped on Sunday at the Jersey Shore.

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