Mondays are notorious for being the worst day of the week. They signify the start of the workweek and the end of a relaxing weekend. No one likes Mondays but there are some people who hate them even more than the rest of us. Career experts over at Zippia conducted a recent study determining that people from Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Minnesota are the biggest Monday haters out there.

These career experts found this data by analyzing the trends for Google searches on the terms “jobs”, “coffee”, “Why am I so tired?”, and “Call in sick” over the span of 12 months. A majority of these searches were made on Mondays and once all this information was examined, Zippia compiled a list of the crankiest Monday states.

Where do New Jersey and Pennsylvania come in on this list you may ask? Well according to their research, we don’t hate Mondays as much as the rest of the country. Pennsylvania comes in at number 34 sandwiched between Ohio and Kentucky. Meanwhile, New Jersey is second to last at number 49. Other honorable mentions include Idaho who hates Mondays so much that they call in sick more than any other state and Oregon who drinks the most coffee on Mondays with Oklahoma drinking only half what Oregon drinks.

So if you wake up on Monday mornings with a bad attitude or feeling extra tired just know, you’re not the only one. Maybe it’s time to try something new on Mondays whether that’s a morning treat or maybe just a big glass of wine at the end of the day congratulating yourself on making it through another Monday.


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