Most people would rather make their own schedule, do work that they feel like doing and give orders rather than receive them, right? Well according to a poll by OnePoll, 40% out of 2,500 Americans are already doing some sort of freelance work in addition to their main source of income. Another 30% run a side business. In fact, three in five respondents said that they “will stop at nothing to become their own boss.”

So why do people want to work for themselves so badly? The biggest answer: Passion. And we all know that people in New Jersey have a whole lot of passion. Six in ten people want to follow their true passion in life, over half feel like they would be better at helping others as their own boss. Over half also said they wanted to schedule their own work days. Six in ten people also said that spending time in isolation helped them reevaluate their life and their career goals.

49% of people who already have started a small business said that they started it with a hobby they loved before it became profitable. Another 48% said they were inspired by a friend telling them they would be profitable.  According to Study Finds, 63% of Americans said that they are confident that if they quite their day job, they would not have a problem starting their own business or successful freelance career.

So why don’t these people quit their day jobs? 39% are concerned about the extra workload and 42% who own a small business said their least favorite part is the larger workload that comes with it.


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