has compiled a list of the US’s most popular, but overrated TV shows, mostly fro, the last 8 years. And here’s the best part: the list is also organized by state. So get ready to argue with your out-of-state, or in-state, friends about which TV show you think is the most overrated.

New Jersey’s most overrated show is The Big Bang Theory, but most of the country is split between Parks and Rec, Rick and Morty, Friends, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, The Simpsons, Breaking Bad and The Office.

The most frequently picked overrated show? It was Parks & Rec, but how could you not love your fellow Pawneers. It looks like the majority of midwestern states dislike Rob Swanson’s crew.

However, to the popular vote, the most overrated show is Rick and Morty.

According to, 58% of people surveyed said that Rick and Morty is overrated, and I have to say, I agree with them.

Another highlight from the survey is that 64% of women said the most overrated show is Game Of Thrones, while 60% of men said Friends. Hopefully most couples can agree to disagree in this case.

According to, 64% of people over 54 said that every show on the list was overrated, but this might be because they are shows from this decade. It would be interesting to see what their opinion would be on shows from their generation.

Delaware, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan and Iowa join New Jersey in thinking The Big Bang Theory is the most overrated show

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