If you start to notice new buildings in the Bensalem area don't be shocked. It is in the talks that, if it gets approved, the United States Space Force command center may be coming to Bucks County. FOX 29 reported that Bensalem has moved forward to the next stage to possibly become the home of the Space Force command center. However, there is a battle to see who actually will be taking the W with this.

It has been mentioned that there are a good amount of municipalities that are really hoping to get the United States Space Force command center in their area.

Chris O'Connell, from FOX 29, tweeted out a picture of the letter that nominates Bensalem as one of the possible homes to the command center. In the letter, the Mayor of Bensalem said, "We believe our community meets or exceeds all of the minimum eligibility requirements, and that we will earn a competitive score when assessed against the evaluation criteria." Part of the requirements are 25-acres of land and 1500 high tech jobs, according to Chris O'Connell of FOX 29.

FOX 29 also stated that if it was to go through and Bensalem did in fact become the home of the command center, it would be somewhere on Street Rd, near I-95, in one of the empty lots. Sounds exciting but the sad part is that we wouldn't be seeing spaceships shoot out of Bensalem. Bummer.

If you are asking if it is the United States Space Force, well, it is a new branch of Armed Force. I was a little confused at first as well, so you're not alone. On the United States Space Force's website, it mentioned that this branch of Armed Forces started less than a year ago on December 20, 2019.

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