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For those times in life when the family deserves a treat, but everyone wants something different, and you want to get the best bang for your buck? Time to hit the buffet! And boy are there a lot of them here in America. It would basically be unpatriotic not to have gone to a buffet at least once in your life!

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But let's keep it real here - not all buffets are made equal, and given the fact they are tasked with serving such large quantities of food every day, quality can suffer. Oh yeah. There are a lot of bad buffets out there.

So it wouldn't be crazy if you make it a point to find the best. And where can you find the best buffets in America? Two of the Top 10 are in Pennsylvania!

Grab your forks! 2 Pennsylvania buffets just ranked among the Top 10 of USA Today's 10 Best Buffet Restaurants in the US. And it gets better: One of them is #1!

So which Pennsylvania buffets made the list?

#3: Miller's Smorgasbord - Ronks, Pennsylvania

Miller's Smorgasbord, located in Lancaster County came in hot at #3 on the list, which described the Amish country buffet as warm and homey! They've been in business for 95 ye

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#1: Shady Maple Smorgasbord - East Earl Pennsylvania

Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl Pennsylvania really needs no introduction. It's the largest buffet in America and people drive for hours just to experience it! It's no wonder USA Today ranked it at #1.

You may have even seen influencers travel for miles to get a taste:

Have you ever been to these destination buffets? What was your verdict?

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