What kind of prices make a restaurant expensive to you?

That number is going to vary drastically from person to person.

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For me personally, if the surf and turf is around $100, I'm eating at an expensive restaurant.

Every now and again I think it's important to indulge and...


Foodie website "Eat This Not That" went state-by-state identifying the best expensive restaurant.

The author wrote:

Fine dining is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, break out of a culinary rut, or simply try something new. But when you're shelling out a few hundred dollars for dinner, you want to make sure that dinner is nothing short of incredible.

Before we get to the "best" expensive restaurant in New Jersey, let's take a look at our neighbors.

First up, New York.

Welcome to Eleven Madison Park in New York City where everything on the menu is a work of art and looks too good to eat.

The tasting menu is a whopping $335 per person.

I do applaud them for giving back to those who are hungry in the neighborhood.

Now we take a trip west to Pennsylvania.

The four-course menu is $135 per person. For fine dining that's not too bad at all.

Drumroll, please. Here's the restaurant that was named "best expensive" in New Jersey.

Restaurant Latour is located in the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg.

They use their own phenomenal produce. Everything is as fresh as fresh gets.

Plus, their wine cellar is outstanding.

A seven-course meal is $195 per person, but you're getting seven courses.

Here's a sample menu.

These NJ restaurants may not be as fancy, but they've all been featured on The Food Network. How many do you recognize?

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