Something that a lot of people may not realize is that farmers markets aren’t exactly as popular in other parts of the country as they are in New Jersey. A list was just made of the best farmer’s markets in different parts of the country, and a few Mercer County farmers markets have been named the best in the entire state!

The greatest part of being able to drive down the road and experience these markets is that they always have the freshest foods and produce around for such an amazing price.


American Farmland Trust has made lists of the best farmers markets in each state and a few Mercer County staples are ranked extremely high on the list for New Jersey.

The top-rated market in all of New Jersey though, is in Collingswood, NJ. This is a fan-voted list, so to me, that always makes these rankings legit because you’re hearing from real customers in the area. The farmers markets in Mercer County that have been named among the best in the state are as follows:


#15 - Pennington Farmers Market - Pennington, NJ

The Pennington Farmers Market was rated #15 on the list for the best markets state-wide and #240 on the nationwide list! It’s located at 101 Pennington Road, Pennington, NJ.


#3 - West Windsor Comunity Farmers Market - West Windsor, NJ

The West Windsor Community Farmers Market was rated #3 on the list of the best markets state-wide and #35 nationwide! It’s located at 877 Alexander Road, West Windsor, NJ.


#2 - Trenton Farmers Market - Trenton, NJ

The Trenton Farmers Market has landed itself at #2 on the list and is the highest-ranking farmers market in Mercer County! It’s rated 20th nationwide as well, which is so awesome!

We truly are getting the best of the best in New Jersey!

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