There are some awesome places to go sledding in Mercer County.

Last night, we finally got enough snow to do some sledding, and it's going to be cold over the next few days, so it may stick around a little while. I feel bad for all the kids who thought they were getting a snow day today. Turns out, most of the area schools just had a delayed opening, so they'll have to wait until after school to grab their sleds and go have some fun.

I only knew of a few places, like Ben Franklin School in Lawrence and Veterans Park in Hamilton, so I did a little research, and found a list from Princeton Magazine. My suggestions both made the list, by the way.

So, if you want a little adventure on your snow day, or if you want to get the kids outside after school, here are the top sledding locations in Mercer County:


Springdale Golf Course – 1895 Clubhouse Drive, Princeton

Rosedale Park – 422 Federal City Road, Pennington

Mercer County Technical School – 129 Bull Run Road, Pennington

Belle Mountain – Valley Road, Hopewell

Hamilton Public Library – 1 Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Way Hamilton

**Bonus sledding hill - Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ - Middlesex County. I went sledding there all the time when I was a kid.

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