Just a heads up, the bobcat population is currently on the rise here in Pennsylvania. The medium sized feline has actually been spotted more frequently across the entire United States. But experts are saying that the state of Pennsylvania is one of the states that face to face encounters with the animal are becoming more and more frequent

Most bobcat sightings are just slight glimpses of the animal and are rarely known for confronting humans because they themselves don’t like to be confronted. According to a 2010 study that was published in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, in Pennsylvania, the number of bobcats is increasing and is estimated to be around 18,766 or approximately 1 bobcat per 682 Pennsylvanians. Patch.com says that the study found that the increase is “likely attributable primarily to multiple factors including habitat availability, increased prey density, changing land-use practices and intense harvest management at the state level”. However, Patch.com assures us that this does not necessarily mean human-bobcat encounters will become an everyday occurrence.

Despite recent events, experts still say that bobcats typically only hunt rodents and rabbits for food and stay away from suburban neighborhoods therefore staying away from humans in general. In the rare case that you do encounter a bobcat, Patch.com lists what the California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends on how to act:

● Try to scare the animal away by shouting and waving your arms in the air to appear larger.

● If handy, use a hose to shoot water at a bobcat.

● Throw rocks at the animal.


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