A Morris County family woke up to an unexpected surprise in their backyard the other day. A Reddit user posted a picture of what he says is his friend's backyard. The backyard clearly overlooks a wooded area filled with trees and shrubs. In the picture you see a rather large bobcat sitting amongst the leaves, looking back at the person taking the photo.

The bobcat appears to be sitting on some type of prey. Whether it was a deer leg or another small animal, this bobcat was clearly caught right as it was about to chow down. When asked about it the Reddit user confirmed that the bobcat had indeed captured a meal at that point. He said that the bobcat had approached some bait that was tied to a tree by the owners of the land.

"Just asking, but is that bait? Looks like the bobcat is standing on a kill, but then I looked to the right of his head and it looks like maybe a deer leg zip-tied to the tree? Am I seeing that correctly?" stated Reddit user Snowtown_Radio.

"Yes it is, I'll have to ask him what it's for but you're not imagining it," replied the person who posted the picture.

Mountain Lions are very common in the state of New Jersey especially this time of year. There were debates on the subreddit about what the owners could possibly be trying to capture, and a mountain lion was thrown in as an option.

Not only is it rare to see bobcats nowadays, but to be able to grab a picture of one sitting still in your backyard is even more uncommon. Not to mention the size of this one! Typically bobcats are around 2 feet tall. They are much bigger than house cats but smaller than a cougar or a lion. However, the one seen in this picture is one of the biggest I have ever seen. Take a look here.

FYI: The date displayed on the photo reads as if this photo was taken in 2014.

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