Some of the laws in the state of Pennsylvania are flat right out ridiculous. Did you know that simple things like singing in the bathtub, or catching a fish with your bare hands could technically get you in trouble? I kid you not, it is actually illegal for housewives to hide the dirt under a carpet or rug in their home. Who comes up with these rules? Better yet, who has the time to ban these things that don't really hurt anyone?

I have an even better one for you. Did you know that it is illegal in Philadelphia to put pretzels in a bag? Yes, that's right. In the city that is known for its soft pretzels being paired with water ice, we aren't actually supposed to be given these pretzels in bags.

Let's make it make sense. Here is the history behind the law. According to Need to Know Facts, this dates all the way back to the during the Prohibition. Back then people used to sneak illegal alcohol into the pretzel bags. So based on the Act of 1760 we are technically breaking the law because it has never been abolished.

Now 10 times out of 10 if you put a pretzel in a bag in front of a cop, nothing is going to happen to you. This law is never enforced and I'm sure law enforcement enjoys a nice Philly soft pretzel out of a bag every once and a while too.


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