One thing immediately noticed when I moved to Pennsylvania is how many deer there were. I though Virginia had it bad, but we definitely have them beat over here in the Keystone state.

I can tell by the amount of dead deer I drive past every single day that Pennsylvania has an unusually high amount of car accidents caused by hitting deer. And we have the statistics to prove it. According to a new study, Pennsylvania ranks among some of the worst states for deer collisions. State Farm Insurance found that they states is number one for animal related accidents.

If you were wondering what specific part of Pennsylvania has it worse off than the others, it is Alleghany county. For years now they have led the state with the most deer related crashes.

You would think that during the pandemic the amount of deer collisions across the country would decreased because everyone was staying home. In fact it was the opposite. According to Patch, the chances of a driver hitting a deer actually shot up by 7 percent.

Between June 2020 to June 2021, Pennsylvania led the country with the highest amount of auto insurance claims. According to Patch, the state had an estimated 166,404 claims. It's only expected to get worse as we head into the holiday season. November is historically known for being the worst month when it comes to deer collisions.

With that being said, it is important to take precaution. My friend hit a deer in Pennsylvania a few years ago and the amount of money she had to pay to cover damages was insane. It is a situation that no one wants to be in, especially when it can be deadly. So please make sure you wear your seatbelt, drive smart and safe, and according to Patch, pay attention to the deer crossing signs. They are they for a reason!



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