After the early decision for the Big Ten to postpone their 2020-21 football season on Aug. 11 of this year, the football conference announced on Tuesday that they will put their season back on, starting the weekend of Oct. 23. This is huge for all football fans, including the Big Ten schools who will be rooting on their sports teams.

In particular, Penn State’s head football coach James Franklin is satisfied with the announcement. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Franklin was the most persistent and passionate voice among the 11 Big Ten universities that initially voted against a fall football season last month. He questioned the timing and the process of the Aug. 11 decision not to play. He felt communication from the conference office was poor.”

In a statement regarding the Big Ten’s announcement, Franklin expresses his gratitude for the conference listening to the teams that wanted their season back on. “We are also so thankful the presidents and chancellors of the Big Ten considered the information presented and voted for the safe return to play.”

However, with this opportunity comes great responsibility between the coaches, staff and players of each team. One of the rules stated by the Big Ten and the Philadelphia Inquirer is that if a football player tests positive for COVID-19, they must sit out for 21 days. A struggle that Penn State’s team has faced is that since last season, the players have had no contact during practices due to safety regulations. Franklin states that because of this and other similar rules he is afraid that the cohesiveness of the team will not be like it was in the past. Events that the coach holds every year for team bonding such as dinners and barbeques at his house or bowling outings will not be allowed as well.

Regardless, we will find out how the Big Ten teams will make out starting Oct. 23. We wish the players luck along with good health.



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