Apparently, Bigfoot is having a moment.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this article from Rolling Stone.

This got me thinking..."I wonder if Bigfoot has ever been spotted in our area?"  Here's what I found out...

Back in May, the New York Post had an article about recent Bigfoot sightings in the Pine Barrens.  Meanwhile, recently posted a story that said that as many as 13 Bigfoot encounters had been reported in Burlington County.

And then there's this report on (yes, that's a real website).  It claims that a Bigfoot was spotted in February 2014 near, of all places, Levittown, PA.  The eyewitness said, "I was driving back from work late on Tuesday the 25th of February and I’ll never forget what I saw. As I was driving down Green Lane towards Levitown a giant creature that I can only describe as a Sasquatch. The creature was standing on two feet and had almost a human like form except for its nearly 9 foot stature."  Who knows?  Maybe he was just heading to the Amish Market.  I hear they have awesome doughnuts and kettlecorn.


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