A South Jersey man is claiming that a figure captured on camera is in fact a Bigfoot.

The sighting occurred somewhere in South Jersey - we're guessing the greater Millville area in Cumberland County.

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"Man of Light" is the name of the YouTube channel, and also the moniker this local Bigfoot "hunter" is known by. For the last few years, Man of Light has posted videos showing - we he says is evidence of Bigfoot in South Jersey.

He's done a lot of his searching in the Menantico Ponds area off Ferry Road in Millville. It's a state managed fish and wildlife area.

While many of Man of Light's videos say they are at Menantico Ponds, this video does not. In the description, it says he was in "his research area" in the "South Jersey Wildlife Area."

Now, I will admit, I've watched many of his videos over the last couple of years - but, I never see what he claims to be seeing. I've even gone so far as to do my own search in Menantico Ponds.

Then, he posted this video.

Man of Light points out a Bigfoot-like figure in his photo/video - and this time I see, well, something.  The video actually shows some still photos - Man of Light claims his video camera was not working when he tried to shoot footage.

Check out the video. Whatever it is can be seen starting at about 4:30 into the video.

So what do you think? Are we seeing Bigfoot in South Jersey?

You can check out Man of Light's You Tube channel here.

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