During this time, many people are showing their support for the Black Lives Matter protests and educating themselves through Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Also, during this pandemic, people are trying to support small restaurants and businesses that are struggling to stay open. Here are some ways you can support Philadelphia black-owned restaurants that are accepting orders.

According to Philly Mag, there are many African American owned restaurants all throughout Philadelphia ready to take your order for food. There’s Vegan-ish that has plant-based and pescatarian dishes for everyone.


Then, there’s Orchard Smoothie Cafe that has a famous fried lobster burger and obviously, smoothies to enjoy.


Another option is DeBreaux’s that has fried chicken, mac and cheese, and so many more options. Have you ever had mac and cheese that is layered with chicken skin? It's a must try!

You can also try South that has a variety of southern cuisine. According to Philly Mag, South is one of the few jazz clubs in Philly. Go there, and you are definitely in for a phenominal live show.

There’s also Honeysuckle that has a new menu each week, so you never know what to expect.

Finally, there’s Booker’s Restaurant which delivers brunch on the weekends. They have a special pancake of the day that you can enjoy right from your couch with a mimosa on the side.

There is such a variety of food in Philadelphia, but now, you can support a small business and support Black restaurants during such a powerful movement.


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