Friday night and Saturday's snowstorm did not disappoint. The storm, which officially reached blizzard status at the Jersey Shore, dumped as much as 19" of snow in parts of our area.

The biggest snow total we could find (so far) was reported in Bayville (Ocean County), NJ where they reported a whopping 19" of snow.

In the Philly metro area, totals were a little more modest (but still impressive). Philadelphia International Airport reported about 7.5" of snow (as of midday Saturday). In Mercer County, it looks like we picked up about 9" of fluffy white snow.

Scroll down to see a complete town-by-town breakdown of how much snow has been reported in your town.

The storm began, as forecasted around 6 pm on Friday evening, with the heaviest snow falling in the overnight hours and very early morning hours of Saturday. The brunt of the storm wrapped up by midday Saturday, however, lingering snow was still falling at the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey's Governor Phil Murphy declared a State of Emergency ahead of the blizzard.

New Jersey officials said that more than 3,000 pieces of equipment were on the roads to remove the snow, but Governor Murphy reminded residents that it will take time to clear this much snow from the state's highways (as well as local roadways).

The storm did officially hit the status of a blizzard, the National Weather Service says. So you can call it the Blizzard of 2022. 

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, NJ confirmed the criteria for an official blizzard was met in the overnight hours along the New Jersey and Delaware coasts. This included the coastline in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and South Jersey beaches.

A blizzard is defined as three or more hours of visibility reduction to one-quarter mile or less due to falling or blowing snow, with sustained winds of 35 mph or greater.

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