Once upon a time no Friday night was complete in the Philadelphia area without a trip to a Blockbuster store. Remember the '90s? Yeah, we all do.

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Of course, since the '90s the advent of mail-order DVDs (via Netflix) and then streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, and more), Blockbuster's popularity rapidly decreased across the Philadelphia area (and nationwide).


Is Blockbuster About to Make a Comeback in Philadelphia?

The company restored their website — Blockbuster.com — back in March.

The message on the company's desktop website read "We are working on rewinding your movie."


The message on their mobile website read "Be kind while we rewind," but we haven't heard much since then.

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Since Blockbuster did this, however, Netflix announced plans to shut down their mail-order DVD service. That came to an end this week.

So what could this all mean?

Only One Blockbuster Store Remains... For Now

At its peak, Blockbuster operated more than 9,000 stores.

Now? There's only ONE Blockbuster store left in the entire nation.

Blockbuster Targets Hispanic Market
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That store, which is located in Bend, Oregon, has been the subject of a lot of national attention, including a Netflix documentary.

The store's owners received rights from Dish Network — the current owners of the Blockbuster brand.

What's Happening With Blockbuster in Philadelphia?

We'll have to wait and see as the company has been pretty tight-lipped about what (if anything they have planned).

Blockbuster Offers To Buy Competitor Hollywood Video
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But we all saw that sky-high Blockbuster sign in South Philly that remained for YEARS after the store shut down.

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